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A patient with his doctor

A meningioma is a common type of tumor that can develop in the tissues that cover the brain or spinal cord. These tumors are typically benign (noncancerous) and slow growing. However, their location in the skull or near the spine means that as they grow, they can place pressure on the brain or spinal cord. Small meningiomas occasionally go unnoticed, but large tumors often interfere with neurological function. As a result, patients who are diagnosed with meningioma often undergo treatment to shrink their tumor, alleviate symptoms and restore as much brain function as possible.

Our Approach

Moffitt Cancer Center offers a comprehensive range of meningioma treatments, including:

  • Surgery – The primary approach to treatment involves removing as much of a tumor as is safely possible. At Moffitt, our experienced surgeons specialize in minimally invasive and robotic procedures for brain cancer treatment and perform a high volume of these complex meningioma surgeries each year.
  • Radiation therapy – Radiation therapy can be provided to shrink a tumor before, after or instead of surgery. Moffitt’s team of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, physicists and dosimetrists precisely design each patient’s treatment plan to deliver the maximum dose of radiation to a tumor while sparing the surrounding brain tissues from damage.
  • Chemotherapy – While chemotherapy medications are rarely used to treat meningioma, Moffitt’s medical oncologists create individualized chemotherapy plans when appropriate.
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy – These supportive care measures are crucial for helping patients recover from brain tumor treatment. Our rehabilitation programs are designed to address balance issues, speech problems and other potential complications of meningioma, as well help patients improve their overall quality of life.

Patients who turn to Moffitt for meningioma treatment can access all of these treatment services in a single, convenient location. And, the multispecialty approach of our Neuro-Oncology Program makes it possible for patients to consult with numerous experts – from surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and supportive care providers – that are among the most experienced in their respective fields. Tumors boards are also conducted each week to ensure complex cases receive the expert consideration they deserve.

To learn more about our approach to meningioma treatment, or to schedule an appointment with one of our oncologists who specializes in treating brain cancer, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online.