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When should I consider requesting an online consult? There are several reasons why you should consider an online consult:

  • It could be difficult to travel due to your physical or financial condition.
  • You may not have access to physicians specialized in your cancer condition in your country.
  • You could be facing a difficult medical decision, and an online consult can clarify your questions.
  • You may want to have the reassurance that the treatment you are receiving is the most appropriate and consistent with the latest medical research.
  • You want to confirm your cancer diagnosis through a second pathology review.

Why do I need to go through my physician to request an online consult? Your physician's participation is key during an online consult, as he or she has the medical understanding to interpret our physician's opinion and recommendations and pass this information to you while discussing the options that are best for you, given the fact he or she knows your history.

Do I need an email account to access your service? Yes. An email account is necessary as this is how our staff will keep you updated throughout the online consult process. We will not be sending your medical information via email as it is not a secure environment – only status notifications.

How long will it take for me to obtain an online consult? Our timeframe is 14 business days (weekends/holidays not included), but please keep in mind that the process could be delayed for any of the following reasons:

  • Your records are incomplete.
  • Your local physician or our pathologist may request specific testing that may take additional time to perform.
  • Your local physician requested a specific physician, and he/she is not available at the time your request comes through.
  • Your case may be complex, and the consulting physician recommends a Tumor Board Consult. In this case, you will be contacted for your approval and additional payment as there is a price difference.

May I cancel my online second opinion request at anytime? You may cancel your request at any time while you are filling the forms and prior to the “approval and send” step where you have authorized us to proceed and payment has been processed. Just click “cancel,” and your request will be deleted. 

How do I know my request was accepted and payment received? You will receive an email notification immediately after your payment is processed.

How do I make an appointment if I decide to travel to Moffitt? You may contact International Relations directly at 813-745-3571 or 813-745-8121 or via email at

FAQs regarding your medical records

How do I obtain and mail my medical records? You will need to contact your referring physician or the diagnostic facilities where the tests were performed, such as labs, imaging centers, etc.  Depending on your country's requirements, you may need to sign an authorization release form.   If you, as a patient, are unable to request the records, a legal representative may do it on your behalf.

Please make sure you request the records, pathology and films to be released to you, and not to Moffitt Cancer Center directly.

When requesting pathology, please make sure the lab encloses the corresponding report with matching case numbers inside the pathology envelope. Please review all the records prior to sending them to us. This will ensure an appropriate turnaround time.

If there are any specific tests you cannot obtain, please contact our office to make sure the online consultation can be done without these particular records.

Please send all your materials together in one package for loss prevention. 

We recommend you use a reliable international mailing service (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) that requires our signature as recipients.

If you don’t use our label, our address is:

Moffitt Cancer Center My Online Consult Attn.: International Relations
12902 USF Magnolia Drive MCC-INTL
Tampa, FL 33612

What happens if I cannot obtain my medical records? Please contact our office to determine whether or not we can proceed with a second opinion based on the records you have. In order for our physicians to give you a comprehensive opinion, they need all the information required. You may also want to work with your local physician for his or her assistance during this process.

May I send my records in a language other than English? No. Medical records in any language other than English will only delay your consult. All documents must be translated by a professional translator.

Can you recommend any translation services if needed? For Spanish into English, please contact our office, and we will be happy to provide a contact name and number. For other languages, please go to, select the language combination and specialty, and you will find listings of certified translators in the United States. Since translators work via email, it won't be a problem for you to use one outside your country.

Where do I send my materials? Please send your materials to the address below. 

Moffitt Cancer Center My Online Consult Attn.: International Relations
12902 Magnolia Drive MCC-INTL
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 745-3571 or (813) 745-8121

Will you return my medical records? Medical reports provided by the patients will not be returned upon completion of the online consult. For pathology and films to be returned, an additional processing fee of US $50 will be charged. You can prepay for the return of your materials by enclosing a prepaid courier invoice in your package.

How will I know you received my package? An email notification will be sent to you confirming receipt of your package.

FAQs regarding cost and payment

How much will my online consult cost? Online consults at Moffitt Cancer Center start at $2,500 for a comprehensive review of your records, films and basic pathology (slides). If your pathology requires additional testing or if you have a paraffin block that requires cuts, staining and additional tests, price will vary as a result and an estimate will be provided to you.

If you only want a pathology consult, prices start at U.S. $250 per case plus U.S. $70 for each additional stain. Unstained slides and /or paraffin blocks incur additional charges as additional tests do. In this case, our staff will contact you with an exact cost estimate.

Can I use my insurance to pay for an online consult? In general, online consults are not covered by insurance programs. You may pay via credit card or via bank wire transfer for this service. You may want to check with your insurance company to find out if reimbursement is an option.