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Meet Marcus

Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor

"Not only do you learn to be stronger for yourself, but you can be stronger for other people too and inspire them."

When Officer Marcus was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma his first thought was about his family.  He knew his family saw him as their hero and he didn’t want to let them down.

Every day he gained inspiration from his family and fought to show them how to stay strong.  “It's okay to be scared,” he would tell them. “But be strong and that will give you courage.”

It was with this fortitude and determination that Marcus set his own goals for the future.

Marcus learned about Miles for Moffitt while undergoing treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center. He was immediately moved by the stories of hope and by seeing his community come together for a single goal. 

He knew he would do whatever he could to be a part of the race the next year.  He also knew it would be a challenge. 

“When I got done with my treatment, at one point I could barely walk. Sometimes it was a chore just to sit up and eat. I was just so fatigued,” he recalls. But Marcus found support all around him.

His brothers and sisters at the Tampa Police Department held fundraisers to support him and raise awareness. Other patients at Moffitt encouraged him with their stories of inspiration.  And of course, his family cheered him along the entire way.

When the day came for Marcus to participate in Miles for Moffitt, everyone who had fought alongside him was now running alongside him.  

“When they found out that I was going to do the race, they were like, ‘Definitely, put me down. We'll run this race together, and we'll finish together.’” he says.

Marcus hopes his journey can serve as a story of encouragement for other patients, the same way past Miles for Moffitt participants motivated him to get stronger and keep fighting.

Most importantly though, he hopes he inspires his family.

“Doing Miles for Moffitt, them seeing me, getting those medals, or out there running with the other people, you know. I'm sure that inspires them, I hope it inspires them. It's a beautiful thing.”