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Erma  is a bladder cancer survivor with family, Tanya

Meet Erma

Bladder Cancer Survivor

"We're going to do it together."

Bladder Cancer Survivor

Family means everything to Erma. She was shocked after being diagnosed with bladder cancer, but vowed to do whatever it takes because she had so much to live for. Her family rallied around the matriarch and a support system was put into place. They took care of Erma every day: as caregivers, chefs, chauffeurs, and cheerleaders.

Erma's cheerleading team also included her treatment team at Moffit Cancer Center. They were a source of strength and support. "You need people thinking you can do it, no matter how bad it hurts, you need somebody's support," she says. "We're going to do it together. Not by yourself, but together."