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Headshot of Malcolm, Moffitt Cancer Center volunteer

Meet Malcolm

Moffitt Cancer Center Volunteer

"I really look forward to coming to Moffitt because I can make a difference in some of the lives there."

Malcolm had a great, full life, working for 32 years in the cruise industry as a sales manager, a job that helped him enjoy almost 300 cruises with his wife of 49 years.

After such an active lifestyle, no one would have been surprised if Malcolm simply settled into retirement.

But Malcolm wanted to do more in a different way. He wanted to give back.

Experiencing the loss of his father and several friends to cancer over the years, he decided to volunteer at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Six years and 3,000 hours later, Malcolm was honored as Moffitt’s Volunteer of the Year, which is quite an honor considering Moffitt annually works with more than 700 volunteers.

“I love what I do,” he says.

Malcolm is one of the first people to greet patients and their family when they come in for surgery.

Adhering to the motto “we never want to leave the family in the dark,” Malcolm works as the liaison between the patient and their family in the waiting room.

“You have the doctors, you have the nurses and then you have the volunteers,” Malcolm says.

“Everyone is there to help the patient and the family members. It’s a family affair.”

Malcolm estimates he’s touched hundreds of lives as a volunteer, and his heart is repeatedly warmed by “big hugs,” flowers, cookies and candy from appreciative patients and family members.

At the end of his day, Malcolm is tired but at the same time rewarded and inspired by all the patients he’s helped.

“That’s what it’s all about,” he says.