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Smiling headshot of William, Moffitt Cancer Center supporter.

Meet William

Moffit Supporter

"Cancer has been a part of my family for a while."

Cancer has been a part of William's family. He has lost several close family members to cancer over the years, including his father, who succumbed to the disease. William shares his father was "not a doctor type of guy" but he did everything he could and fought in silence.

Making Cancer Information Available to His Community

Today William supports the George Edgecomb Society at Moffitt in honor of his father. The George Edgecomb Society is providing information, resources and education for the black community and other communities impacted by healthcare disparities which gives William hope.

"I truly believe with that information we would be able to save lives. And it's all about the hope," he shares. "And I just want to be able to spread it like a domino effect."