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Bucs player William Gholston

 Join Tampa Bay Buccaneer William Gholston In Supporting Cancer Health Disparities Research

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Defensive end William Gholston has donated $225,000 to Moffitt Cancer Center to support cancer health disparities research. The donation, made during Black History Month, will help fund research for breast, colon and prostate cancers — all of which disproportionately affect Black men and women. His gift honors his father, the late Deacon William T. Gholston Sr., who died of cancer in 2016, and his mother, Dawn, who is a breast cancer survivor. 

History & Purpose

In 1986, Moffitt Cancer Center opened its doors as a result of the efforts of Mr. H. Lee Moffitt. The then Florida state representative created the cancer center with a very good friend in mind, George E. Edgecomb – the first African American judge in Hillsborough County. Judge Edgecomb was diagnosed with cancer, but did not have local options for his treatment at that time. After the loss of Judge Edgecomb and two additional close friends, Mr. Moffitt worked tirelessly towards the creation of a premier cancer center in Florida.

While there has been much progress in cancer treatment, screening, diagnosis and prevention over the past few decades, it has been slower for the Black/African American community. This community continues to face higher cancer rates and cancer deaths. When compared to other communities, these higher rates are called cancer health disparities. 

Examples of cancer health disparities being faced in the Black/African American community include:

  • Highest Overall Rates of Cancer
  • Highest Death Rates from Cancer
  • Higher Rates of Aggressive Forms of Breast Cancer
  • Higher Rates and Deaths from Prostate Cancer
  • Higher Rates of Cervical Cancer 

In 2017, Moffitt Cancer Center created the George Edgecomb Society so its donors could help address these issues by ensuring equitable health outcomes and the elimination of cancer health disparities among Blacks and African Americans. Since then, this society has raised more than $2 million in pledges and donations towards this cause. 

Working together with the Steering Committee – a passionate group of local community leaders who help inspire continuous support for our cause – donors of the George Edgecomb Society:

  • ADVOCATE to prevent and cure cancer, as well as eliminate cancer health disparities
  • EDUCATE members on new treatment protocols and research efforts
  • AWARD financial support for the research and clinical efforts of scientists focused on cancer health disparities
  • PROMOTE Moffitt’s physicians and researchers and their outstanding care and innovative research 

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