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It is an exciting time for the George Edgecomb Society (GES). We recently held our second annual Cancer in the Black Community Research Forum, where we had an in-depth discussion on cancer health disparities research happening at Moffitt Cancer Center.

During the forum, attendees got a behind-the-scenes look at the research labs where Moffitt faculty are working every day to understand the cancers that disproportionally impact the Black/African American communities. Breakout sessions were also held, where attendees were able to have an intimate discussion with some of Moffitt’s top researchers, who focus on cancers in the areas of colorectal, lung and multiple myeloma. We must continue to have educational discussions with the community, as it helps all of us push forward in the battle to eliminate cancer health disparities. Read the full story. 

In this edition of our newsletter, you will also read about the inaugural Helicopters and High Rollers poker tournament hosted by Victor Young and Jonathan Graham. The two joined forces to host an exclusive event, where they raised $100,000 for the GES.

You will also find stories about the second annual Hook & Slice Golf Tournament, the Subaru Share the Love gift, both impactful contributions that are helping to impact all communities, closing the gap on health equity.

To help drive change in cancer research and care, please consider making a gift through the George Edgecomb Society donation page or by calling the Moffitt Foundation directly at (813) 745-4017.  

Thank you for supporting the George Edgecomb Society!  

Dr. Patrick Hwu

Patrick Hwu, MD
President and CEO
Moffitt Cancer Center

Valerie Goddard

Valerie H. Goddard
Chair, George Edgecomb Society
Member, Moffitt Institute Board
Member, Moffitt Hospital Board