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We are halfway through the year and though we've made tremendous progress toward closing the gap in cancer health disparities, we know that there is still much more work to be done. With your continuous support of the George Edgecomb Society (GES), we are on the path to the breakthroughs of tomorrow, where Black/African American patients will have better outcomes in their cancer journey. 

Through the support of wonderful donors like you, GES is able to provide annual pilot funding to champion even more health disparities research at Moffitt Cancer Center. We are excited to announce the 2022 recipients of the GES Grant. Congratulations to Doratha Byrd, PhD, Pei-Ling Chen, MD and Jameel Muzaffar, MD. These researchers and their teams have been awarded $75,000 each to continue their studies on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, head and neck and breast cancers that all disproportionally impact Black communities. Funding for these research initiatives is important as it helps clinicians and researchers better understand future preventative measures and treatments.

In this issue of our newsletter, we will also introduce you to Moffitt's Health Equity Partners program - including how we have teamed up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the mission to improve health equity in the Tampa Bay community. 

You will also find stories about the launch of Moffitt's new health equity training program, promotions happening within Moffitt and the cancer center's search for a minority postdoctoral fellow to study Artificial Intelligence. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, visit our George Edgecomb Society webpage or call the Moffitt Foundation directly at (813) 745-4017. 

Thank you for supporting the George Edgecomb Society!


Dr. Patrick Hwu

Patrick Hwu, MD
President and CEO
Moffitt Cancer Center

Valerie Goddard

Valerie H. Goddard
Chair, George Edgecomb Society
Member, Moffitt Institute Board
Member, Moffitt Hospital Board