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The Black/African American community is the largest racial minority group in Moffitt’s 15-county catchment area spanning West Central Florida. Data from Moffitt’s catchment area shows the Black/African American population as having significantly higher cancer health disparities in new cases and deaths compared to other races. Also, the Black/African American population have lower participation in research overall and in clinical trials specifically.

To address cancer health disparities in the Black/African American population, the George Edgecomb Society helps to secure pilot funding to support health disparities research focused on the Black/African American community.

Annually, the George Edgecomb Society, Enterprise Equity, and Moffitt’s Office of Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity hosts Community Research Updates to:

  • Highlight contributions Moffitt researchers and clinicians are making in the scientific/health disparities field
  • Explain the impact of research on Black/African American community
  • Inform and engage the community about George Edgecomb Society
  • Issue a Call to Action to the Black/African American community: Be PREPARED! Partnership, Research, Education, Prevention and Advocacy to Realize the End of Disparities