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Speaker Bureau members

If you enjoyed reading about or listening to Dr. Brandon Blue’s recent podcast on the prevalence of blood cancers in the Black/African American community, you have our newly-launched George Edgecomb Speaker’s Bureau to thank. The effort is funded by a generous donation from Dr. Michael Vogelbaum and Ms. Judith Rosman via the TOP Jewish Foundation. The Speaker’s Bureau connects Moffitt Cancer Center’s faculty directly to opportunities where they can share information about cancer health disparities in the Black/African American community.

"My parents raised me with Jewish values, which taught me to help other minorities who are being disadvantaged or oppressed. Health care disparities within the Black/African American community speak for themselves and need to be addressed. It's that simple," says Rosman. As program leader of NeuroOncology and Chief of Neurosurgery at Moffitt, Vogelbaum also saw a unique opportunity to support a project that speaks to the cancer center’s commitment to cancer health equity as well as diversity and inclusion among Moffitt’s workforce.  

Through this program, Moffitt seeks to provide important information about cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship. Faculty members share cutting-edge research updates, with a focus on cancer disparities, at live educational community events, health disparities podcasts, community feedback listening sessions, and Ask the Expert Q&A panel discussions.

If you would like to learn more about this program or request a Speakers Bureau member for your next educational event, contact Lorrin Rucker at You also can join Dr. Vogelbaum and Ms. Rosman by supporting these outreach efforts through a donation to GES

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