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Dear Friends,

Today marks the beginning of the celebration of Black History Month. Throughout the years, Moffitt Cancer Center has been dedicated to advancing cancer care and tackling health care disparities within our system. The cancer center has been committed to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, recently commemorating the 20th anniversary of establishing the Office of  Institutional Diversity, which is now called Enterprise Equity.

As Moffitt progresses in our pursuits, we extend our thanks for your generous and continued support. Through your contributions, we can initiate new projects and significantly advance our mission to decrease health disparities in cancer. Our ultimate aim is to achieve better outcomes for every patient.

In this month’s newsletter, you will read about Allison Edgecomb’s choice to break barriers. The daughter of George and Doretha Edgecomb, Allison knows firsthand the effects of cancer. After receiving a HER2-positive breast cancer diagnosis, she opted to enroll in a clinical trial, and her choice resulted in successful treatment – she is currently in remission.

You will also find stories about Moffitt’s new Institute Board of Directors member, Judge Jessica Costello, the cancer center’s inaugural associate center director of Research Diversity and Workforce Development and more! 

We look forward to continuing our partnership and to another successful year for the George Edgecomb Society in 2024. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved, contact us on the George Edgecomb Society page or call the Moffitt Foundation directly at (813) 745-1403.  


Dr. Patrick Hwu

Patrick Hwu, MD
President and CEO
Moffitt Cancer Center

Valerie Goddard

Valerie H. Goddard
Chair, George Edgecomb Society
Member, Moffitt Institute Board
Member, Moffitt Hospital Board


George Edgecomb Society