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As we begin a new year, we would like to personally thank you for supporting the George Edgecomb Society (GES). Because of your generosity, we continue to move the needle in reducing cancer health disparities and are closer to creating a future where everyone receives the best outcomes. This progress is largely due to the time, resources and dedication you put into the GES.

In this issue of our newsletter, you will get the chance to learn about the sixth annual Ladies Night event, hosted by Moffitt’s M-POWER Program. The event features Moffitt experts who educate Black/African American women on the importance of breast cancer screenings, treatment and overall health, as it is no secret that Black/African American women are disproportionately affected by the disease. Read Story

We also put a spotlight on Moffitt Cancer Center’s new mentorship program, which provides minority and underrepresented students with the opportunity to learn more about health care and fuel their passion for the medical field. Moffitt has provided needed funding to help support this program. Read Story

We look forward to another successful year of closing the gap on cancer health disparities and ensuring that everyone receives the highest-quality cancer care. To help drive that change, please consider making a gift online or call the Moffitt Foundation directly at (813) 745-4017.  

Thank you for supporting the George Edgecomb Society!  

Dr. Patrick Hwu

Patrick Hwu, MD
President and CEO
Moffitt Cancer Center

Valerie Goddard

Valerie H. Goddard
Chair, George Edgecomb Society
Member, Moffitt Institute Board
Member, Moffitt Hospital Board