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Dr. Robinson

Meet Lary Robinson, MD

Lung Cancer Surgeon

"We all have one focus, and that single focus is to give the patients the best possible cancer care."

Dr. Lary Robinson has been at Moffitt Cancer Center for more than 20 years and for him, every day continues to be an “extraordinary experience,” thanks in large part to the bravery he sees in his patients.

"It’s remarkable to see these people who are remarkably courageous," he says. "It never ceases to amaze me."

Although Dr. Robinson has treated thousands of patients over the years, he says each one has left an indelible mark.

One patient, for instance, was Tiffany, a former model and mother of two young children, who was shocked to learn she had stage 3 lung cancer.

Through several tough treatments and nerve-rattling setbacks, Dr. Robinson remembers Tiffany’s “personality, how she can go through all of this and maintain her composure, her humor, her enthusiasm and courage.”

And the list of such stories goes on and on, a continual source of inspiration for Dr. Robinson, who finds tremendous joy in helping these patients have a full life after cancer. “And unfortunately should I personally ever develop a cancer, I just sincerely hope that I can display the same amount of courage and dignity that I see in [my patients],” he says.

It also helps that Dr. Robinson knows he’s not the only one who is inspired by Moffitt’s patients. In his mind, what sets Moffitt apart is not only the level of expertise that comes along with being an NCI-designated cancer center, but the passion he sees in his colleagues.

“It’s gratifying to know it’s just not me who is trying to cure someone of a cancer,” he says. “It’s everybody on the whole team.”