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Dr. Tran

Meet Nam Tran, MD, PhD


"When I see patients after surgery who have improved, that's a good day."

Many of the greatest joys for Dr. Nam Tran begin when the treatments for his patients end.

He loves to watch his patients move on and thrive in their daily lives.

For Dr. Tran, it’s about the patient who was paralyzed and now rides a bike 30 miles a day, or the patient who returns for a follow-up appointment and says his or her pain has decreased.

These are the moments that reaffirm Dr. Tran’s life as a neurosurgeon.

“When I see patients after surgery who have improved,” he says, “that's a good day.”

To reach those good days, Dr. Tran says it takes a combination of positive attitudes from the patient and everyone who is working with the patient, which is where Moffitt Cancer Center comes in.

In regards to the patient, he says, “It really is having three qualities: having a good attitude, having family and having faith.”

As for Moffitt, he says, “I think that as an institution, we provide the support to allow you to really thrive.”

That support comes in many ways, including the collaboration from renowned experts to devise the best treatment plan for each individual patient.

“It's just that sense of community that no matter the time of day, no matter whose patient it is, the patient is part of the Moffitt family and we have to take care of them.”