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Headshot of John, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Patient

Meet John

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Thriver Member of Moffitt Patient and Family Advisory Council

"I'm very fortunate that Moffitt is one of the few cancer centers in this country that actually has experience with my disease."

For two years, John saw a number of doctors, allergists and specialists. Something was wrong, but no one was able to determine exactly what. Finally, in 2009, a dermatologist made an accurate diagnosis: Cancer – a very rare form. He quickly referred John to the only place in the state that he knew had a shot at battling this difficult disease: Moffitt.

John’s unique and complex case has become the definition of a team effort at Moffitt. He’s been a patient of nearly every clinic in the center, “All of which – the staff, the doctors – have just been incredible,” he says. Today, he even considers some of them friends. And while he is quick to acknowledge the significance of the personalized care he receives at Moffitt, he’s become known for letting his own personality shine through – even on the hardest days. John’s cancer battle is still being fought, but he’s armed with courage and a smile.