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Meet Joanna and Jason Bever

Breast Cancer Survivor, Team Member and Caregiver

"Nothing can prepare you for that."

Joanna was 40 years old when she received her breast cancer diagnosis. Suddenly, the happy, comfortable life she shared with her husband Jason and their three beautiful children felt like it could slip away in an instant.

After a lot of tears and talks, the Bevers reached out to a friend who had been treated at Moffitt and a neighbor who worked there. That was all they needed to feel there was, without a doubt, no better place to receive treatment. Coincidentally, Jason had recently been looking for a more fulfilling career and had applied for a position at Moffitt even before receiving the news of his wife’s cancer.

Amidst the stress and worries surrounding Joanna’s battle, Jason began interviewing to become a member of the same cancer center that was working to save his wife’s life. Today, with support from friends, confidence from their Moffitt team, and a whole lot of courage, the Bevers are cancer free. And they appreciate the comfort of their normal, daily routines more than ever.