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Meet Lori

Lor Fox, RN, OCN Moffitt Nurse and Kidney Cancer Survivor

"It's a different's just a different feeling at Moffitt."

Lori was one of Moffitt’s very first nurses. In fact, her orientation began before the center’s doors had even opened. She can still recall the enthusiasm leading up to the opening. “Everything was new. It was very upbeat – which, it's still upbeat – but everybody was so excited.” And to this day, her place of employment still brings her incredible pride.

After nearly thirty years at Moffitt, it’s hard to comprehend just how many patients Lori’s treated and lives she’s touched. But all of that experience couldn’t quite prepare her for the news she received just three years ago: Lori had renal cell carcinoma. Kidney cancer. But her career experiences became her secret weapon. “Working with those patients every day and knowing what they go through and knowing how they fight encouraged me to get through it,” she recalls.

Fortunately, Lori’s cancer was contained and could be removed without the need for extensive treatment. After just 12 weeks, she was back treating other patients and sharing her own story. “I was anxious to get back. I was anxious to be a testimony to others and to let them know that, yes, you can get through it and you can return back to your lifestyle.” Now that she’s cancer-free, Lori hasn’t forgotten the way that her patients inspired her own courage, and she tries to do the same for them. “I continue to tell them to fight and to remain in that positive mode and that they'll get through it.”