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Meet Abrianna

Moffitt Patient

"Moffitt put it all together because they didn't give up."

After a lifetime of unexplained tumors, Abrianna found herself at Moffitt Cancer Center with an answer. Her Moffitt team confirmed a diagnosis of Cowden syndrome, which is a rare disorder that can cause multiple benign tumors as well as an increased risk for numerous cancers.

In addition to finally providing insight into the many years of wondering why, Abrianna’s care team was also able to provide comfort and guidance. Now, through Moffitt’s GeneHome clinic, Abrianna has access to genetic experts who can help her stay proactive in her care and understand both the short and long-term effects of Cowden syndrome. Most importantly, their education and counseling services have provided her with peace of mind: “I know that they won’t give up.”