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Gina, spouse and caregiver and Paul, kidney cancer survivor, Manager, Moffitt Supply Chain

Meet Paul and Gina

Paul: Kidney Cancer Survivor, Manager, Moffitt Supply Chain Gina: Spouse and Caregiver.

"Yes, we got the family treatment but everybody receives that family treatment."

With more than 60 combined years working at Moffitt Cancer Center, Paul and Gina found themselves in a "surreal" situation in 2017. Paul visited his urologist because he suspected he had kidney stones.

A CT scan showed not only stones present but also a tumor on his right kidney. The couple had always championed Moffitt's mission, but now they faced new roles: cancer patient and caregiver.

Paul and Gina met the diagnosis head-on with confidence and trust because they knew they were surrounded by leading cancer experts and a supportive team.

 "Yes, we got the family treatment," says Gina. "But everybody receives that family treatment."