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Woman preparing for appointmentPlease ensure the following to allow for the most productive and meaningful appointment with your genetic counselor:

  • You have gathered the most accurate family health history information focused specifically on cancer (For example, who in the family has been diagnosed with cancer and what type of cancer did they have, how old are family members or how old did they live to be)
  • Patients are strongly encouraged to complete a detailed family health history through an online questionnaire OR over the telephone through a targeted interview
  • If you or any of your family members have undergone previous genetic testing focused on inherited cancer risk, please provide a copy of this information to our department ideally prior to your scheduled appointment
  • If you are being seen in person for your genetic counseling appointment, you do NOT need to be fasting should you elect to proceed with providing a blood sample
  • Given that genetic testing can affect family members, you may wish to discuss how your family members may view this information (For example, would my children want to know if they have an increased risk to develop colon cancer due to a genetic finding?)