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The graduate internship at Moffitt Cancer Center is a full-time internship, requiring at least 40 hours per week.  The internship provides at least 90% direct supervision by a licensed Speech Pathologist, and the supervisor is on-site 100% of the time during the internship.  The intern will see both inpatients and outpatients having both cancer and non-cancer related diagnoses.  By the conclusion of the semester, each intern will be expected to complete the following skills independently or with minimal supervisor assistance:  clinical swallow evaluation, Modified Barium Swallow studies, dysphagia therapy, pre-operative and post-operative laryngectomy communication evaluation and treatment, and language/cognitive evaluation and treatment.  Each intern will be exposed to videostroboscopy, voice therapy, Passy-Muir valve evaluation and treatment, and trismus evaluation and treatment during his or her tenure at Moffitt Cancer Center, based on case availability.  In addition, the intern will have opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary team rounds, conference, and tumor boards.

If this is the program you are interested in, please click on this link to complete the application and select Speech Therapy Student from the available opportunities.