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Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis Department

pink cancer tumor under a microscope

The Department of Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis conducts cutting-edge research on the molecular mechanisms underlying the growth and metastasis of tumors with an emphasis on identifying novel therapeutic strategies to combat human cancer. Specifically, investigators in the department focus on mechanisms underlying tumor metastasis, role of metabolic regulators in promoting tumor growth, signaling pathways that confer resistance to therapy, protein modifications that promote tumor growth and suppress immunotherapy, role of cancer stem cells in tumor growth and metastasis, and methods for early detection of tumors using circulating nucleic acids. These studies on basic cancer biology are complemented by the involvement of 11 clinician-scientists who have secondary appointments in the department.

The department provides a highly collegial and conducive atmosphere for conducting high-quality research and also in training the next generation of scientists. The faculty has trained highly successful graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who have embarked on successful independent careers in science. We welcome you to further explore the activities of the department and encourage you to become a part of our research team.