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Single incision laparoscopy surgery (SILS) is a novel, minimally invasive technique for the treatment of gynecological cancers, which is performed through a single incision in a patient’s belly button. Rather than operating through a large incision or several small incisions in the stomach, SILS is performed with only one small incision.  

This procedure, performed at the base of a patient’s belly button, results in less scarring and a faster recovery. Often patients are able to return home the next day, resume normal activities sooner and experience less post-operative complications.

Single incision laparoscopic surgery requires optimal surgical expertise, which can be found at Moffitt Cancer Center. Moffitt is one of only a handful of hospitals in Florida offering SILS for women with early-stage gynecologic cancers, as well as benign diagnoses.

This approach, along with conventional laparoscopic or robotic surgery, is performed by our expert team for gynecological cancer treatment including:

Moffitt Cancer Center is a high-volume cancer center that offers a level of surgical expertise that far exceeds that of other providers. A wide range of supportive care services, including psychiatric, palliative and pain management, are also available to help with postoperative rehabilitation. As such, many of our patients report a higher quality of life during recovery.

To discuss single incision laparoscopy surgery (SILS) and other gynecological treatment options with the experts at Moffitt, please call 1-888-663-3488 or request to schedule an appointment online. Our team is available to consult with you with or without a referral.