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Dr. Roger Li performs robotic surgeryRobotic surgery is one of the latest advancements in surgical cancer care. At the Moffitt Institute for Robotic Cancer Surgery, our surgeons use the da Vinci® Surgical System to perform complex procedures with unmatched levels of precision and control. For patients, this means shorter recovery times, lower complication rates and smaller scars, as well as higher satisfaction rates.

While robotic technology is one of the leading innovations in modern surgery, robotic systems are only as good as the surgeons who use them. Nobody understands that better than Moffitt, a high-volume cancer center where surgeons perform robotic procedures virtually every day. Because our surgeons complete robotic operations on a regular basis, they are intimately familiar with the da Vinci® Surgical System and the most effective ways to use the technology during surgery.

Not only are our surgeons extremely experienced with robotic procedures, but they also specialize in surgery for a single type of cancer. For instance, Moffitt’s team includes surgeons who specialize in robotic surgery for the following conditions:

The unmatched level of surgical expertise at the Moffitt Institute for Robotic Cancer Surgery allows us to produce exceptional outcomes for our patients. And, because our robotic procedures are associated with less postoperative pain and shorter hospital stays, many of our patients also report a higher quality of life during recovery. A wide range of supportive care services are also available to help with postoperative rehabilitation at Moffitt.

To learn more about robotic surgery at Moffitt Cancer Center, request an appointment online or call 1-888-663-3488.

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