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Uterine cancer is often detected in its early stages due to the prompt investigation of vaginal bleeding. In most cases, surgical treatment is recommended. Uterine cancer surgery typically involves the removal of the uterus and cervix (hysterectomy) along with some surrounding lymph nodes and tissues. The tissue samples are then sent to a lab for further analysis, which can provide important information about the extent of the cancer.

With regard to the latest innovations in uterine cancer treatment — including advanced robotic surgery — the gynecologic oncology surgeons at Moffitt Cancer Center are leading the way. Assisted by the da Vinci® Surgical System, our surgeons operate through tiny incisions with enhanced visualization of the surgical site in well over 90% of the cases. As compared to a traditional hysterectomy, this minimally invasive approach offers numerous benefits, including a lower risk of postsurgical discomfort, scarring and complications, as well as a faster recovery.

How does a surgeon use robotic assistance when performing a hysterectomy?

In general, when performing robotic uterine cancer surgery with the assistance of the advanced da Vinci System, a specially trained surgeon at Moffitt will:

  • Be seated at a multifunctional console unit that is positioned next to the patient
  • View magnified, three-dimensional images of the surgical site on a high-definition monitor
  • Use hand and foot controls on the console to maneuver the system’s robotic arms, which hold specialized surgical instruments that are inserted through tiny incisions in the patient’s abdomen
  • Make appropriate hand and foot movements to perform the operation, carefully guiding the robot through a series of highly precise micro-movements
  • Monitor the patient throughout the procedure

Because the da Vinci System helps surgeons achieve an unprecedented level of surgical precision, even highly complex procedures can now be performed with robotic assistance – including some that were previously thought to be unsuitable for minimally invasive surgical treatment.

To fully explore your uterine cancer treatment options, including robotic surgery performed with the da Vinci System, request an appointment at Moffitt by calling 1-888-663-3488 or completing our new patient registration form online. No referrals are required.