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Advisors for the Patient & Family Council speak on a couch

Moffitt is committed to strengthening partnerships with individuals from all backgrounds including underrepresented patients and families. The feedback and input from all patients is valued and essential in our quest to provide respectful, equitable, and patient-and family-centered care. To learn more about patient- and family-centered care, visit

Become a patient or family advisor, and partner with other advisors, health care providers and staff to raise issues, communicate patient and family concerns and help with problem-solving, with the goal of improving the patient experience and our services. Examples include partnering virtually or in-person through:

  • The Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • PARTNERS Newsletter Editorial Committee
  • Facility Design and Construction Projects
  • Input on Research Projects
  • Reviewing Communications
  • Conducting Virtual Patient and Family Orientation
  • Sharing Your Story for Staff Trainings          

patient libraryBecome a peer visitor and visit and relate with other patients and family members and share experiences related to the cancer journey. Peer Visitors talk with patients and caregivers at all campuses during:

Benefits of joining the Patient and Family Advisory Program

  • Create positive change by sharing what you’ve experienced to make a difference for others.
  • Reconnect with the institution that provided you or your family member’s care.
  • Meet others who are on the healing journey to support one another.
  • Ensure the voice of the patient is heard.

For more information, contact the Patient and Family Advisory Program at 813-745-2963 or