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Name & Description Number
Germfree System: Equipment to Maintain Germfree and Gnotobiotic Mice 22MA013N
A Single Customizable and Adaptive Ventilator Device to Treat Multiple Patients 20MA021 - VIDEO
Med Device: Drug Infusion 'The Snowflake' Device for Treatment of Brain Cancer 19MA010
Med Device: Biopsy Needle with Internal Ridges that Lead to a Higher Tissue Specimen Retrieval Rate 18MB047
Med Device: An Improved Stylet for Endotracheal Tube Placement 16MA021
Med Device: An Improved Pigtail Drainage Catheter for Percutaneous Fluid Aspiration 15MA034
Med Device: Improved Enteral Feeding Tube and Retention Disc to Reduce Dislodgement, Infection and Complications 13MA001
Med Device: Improved Endotracheal Tube to Prevent Intubation-Related Complications Related to Airway Edema (Swelling) 11MA052