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Gallbladder cancer clinical trials allow participants to receive cutting-edge therapies before those treatment options are made available in other settings. The purpose of a clinical trial is to compare a specific cancer treatment that is currently recognized as the best available (the standard of care) with a newly discovered treatment that researchers believe may be even more effective.

After a clinical trial is completed, the results are closely evaluated. If a new treatment is proven to be more effective than currently available therapies, or if it produces similar results with fewer side effects, the investigational treatment may become the new standard of care. Through clinical trials, exciting progress is continually being made in the battle against cancer.

Before enrolling in gallbladder cancer clinical trials, here are some key benefits for patients to think about:

  • An active role in treatment – By considering all available treatment options, including clinical trials, a patient can be as proactive as possible in making important decisions that will affect his or her health and quality of life.
  • Early access to the latest therapies – If a new treatment approach is proven effective during a clinical trial, the participants can be among the first patients to benefit from it.
  • Attentive monitoring – Clinical trials offer exciting opportunities for patients to receive the very latest treatments, and these studies involve very close monitoring.
  • Altruism – Clinical trial participants also help improve cancer treatment for all current and future patients.

Of course, a decision on whether or not to take part in a research study is completely up to the patient. If a gallbladder cancer clinical trial is available as a treatment option, a patient is encouraged to consult with a physician to gain the insight and guidance necessary to make a fully informed choice.

As a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt Cancer Center is at the forefront of cancer research. If you are interested in finding gallbladder cancer clinical trials, our clinical trial navigators can help. Call 1-813-745-6100 or 1-800-679-0775 (toll-free) or submit a clinical trials inquiry form.