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  • Cancer Type: Multiple
  • Study Type: Other
  • NCT#:
  • Phase: N/A
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  • Overview

    Study Title:

    Evaluating the Safety, Reliability, and Utility of AI Chatbots in Providing Cancer-Related Information


    Aim 1 - Develop a set of questions for chatbots with the help of cancer survivors. Aim 2 - Develop appropriate prompt templates, find answers to the selected questions from chatbots, and analyze the information contents of these answers.

  • Inclusion Criteria

      Inclusion Criteria:
    • Adult cancer survivor age 21 or older who has received any health services from a Health Choice Network affiliated federally qualified health center, where cancer survivorship is defined as starting at the moment of diagnosis
    • Has access to a working phone or computer to complete the study interview via.
    • Able to read and respond in English
  • Exclusion Criteria

      Exclusion Criteria:
    • Patient within the HCN network who has no history of cancer

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