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Mole Patrol bus located outside Tropicana Field

The Mole Patrol® skin cancer screening program travels to venues around Florida to offer free skin cancer screenings and cancer education to the public. In its 27 years of operation, the Mole Patrol® has screened more than 20,000 Floridians, identifying thousands of suspicious skin lesions that have resulted in the diagnosis of melanoma, basal and squamous cell cancers. The Mole Patrol® recommends checking your entire body for new moles, bumps and patches that are red and flaky, or sores that aren’t healing. Also look for moles that have changed in size, shape, color or texture.

The Mole Patrol® team is comprised of medical doctors and midlevel practitioners who specialize in skin cancer and/or dermatology, as well as registered nurses and support staff. Most physicians, midlevels and nurses are based at Moffitt, while others come from the USF Department of Dermatology as well as from affiliate institutions and practices in the community.

Screenings are provided free of charge to the public and are conducted in an area that allows for some measure of privacy when needed (two exam rooms are available on the screening bus and portable privacy screens are often used).  If suspicious lesions are found, patients leave the screening area with follow-up recommendations that should be taken to their primary care physician or dermatologist. In addition, participants receive educational information about skin cancer prevention and early detection and often receive free sunscreen samples and other related giveaways.

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