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The department is dynamic and ever-expanding. At present, it is the largest department at Moffitt to provide clinical care. It currently has 20 clinical faculty as well a large number of physicists, nurses, advanced-practice professionals, and dosimetrists. Together, we treat more than 2,800 patients per year. 

Our department has a full-time brachytherapist, a Brachytherapy Fellow, and several other faculty who perform brachytherapy as part of their clinical patient care. In the past year, Moffitt treated over 250 patients with brachytherapy, predominantly with HDR (intracavitary and interstitial). 

We also have an Advanced Radiation Oncology Fellow who completes a customized program of clinical care/research in disease site(s) of the Fellow’s choosing. 

Our department provides a number of other specialized services as well. We have an extremely active Stereotactic Radiotherapy Program with specialized physicians treating brain, spine, lung, adrenal gland, liver, pancreas, and kidney lesions. The institution also has a cyclotron on-site with a dedicated radiochemist for future testing/implementation of novel compounds. Additionally, Moffitt currently treats more hepatic lesions with Theraspheres than any other site in North America. The department also treats with intraoperative radiotherapy (breast cancer) using an IntraBeam unit. Our external beam radiotherapy cases employ the most advanced techniques when required – IMRT/VMAT, IGRT, and/or respiratory gating. Additionally, clinicians treat a number of cases of Total Body Irradiation (TBI) and total skin electron therapy (TSET). 

In 2011, Moffitt opened an additional outpatient clinic in South Tampa, Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza which provides multidisciplinary care across a wide range of disease sites. This center provides most of the external beam radiotherapy services provided at the main campus. 

The department also has a Moffitt attending on-site full-time at Morton Plant Memorial Hospital in Clearwater, via a specialized partnership agreement. 


  • Main Campus
    • Two Varian TrueBeams
    • Two Varian Trilogies
    • One Varian TrueBeam with specialized equipment for SRS/SBRT treatment 
    • One ViewRay MRI Linac
    • One Nucletron HDR brachytherapy unit
    • One IntraBeam unit (intraoperative therapy)
    • One 16-slice large-bore CT simulator (4D capability)
    • One 64-slice narrow-bore CT simulator (4D capability)
    • One 4D PET CT
    • One 3T MRI
    • One fluoroscopic simulator
    • Pinnacle treatment planning system (TPS) with remote access capabilities
    • Nucletron brachytherapy TPS
    • Novalis BrainLab TPS
  • Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza
    • One Varian Trilogy
    • Pinnacle treatment planning system (TPS) with remote access capabilities 

Clinical Trials

Both the number of clinical trials in the department and their accrual are rapidly increasing in the department as additional staff is added. At present, six investigator-initiated clinical trials are open, as well as seven cooperative studies. 


Clinicians in the department have a number of grants, both internal and external, to fund their research. The department has a complex research plan which is updated annually.