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Diverse group of people

AACR Report Highlights Disparities in Cancer Care

Despite lower incident rates, ethnic and racial minority groups are more likely to die from some cancers

Identifying Accelerated Biological Age in Young Colorectal Cancer Patients Could Improve Post-Treatment Care

A small pilot study investigated the difference in biological age between younger and older adult colorectal cancer patients

Highlighting Moffitt Cancer Center’s Breakthrough Research

Faculty, postdocs and students presenting at the 2024 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting

Study Explores mRNA Vaccine Combo Therapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Investigators study safety and efficacy of mRNA-based cancer vaccine combined with immunotherapy

Tackling Ovarian Cancer by Studying It Outside the Body

Moffitt investigators developed 3D tumor models to learn how cancer grows in real time

Shining a Light on Understudied Populations Impacted by Prostate Cancer

Study identifies gene changes that increase prostate cancer mortality rate for Puerto Rican men

Can Improving Access to Genetic Testing Help Accelerate Personalized Care?

Collaborative Moffitt initiative hopes to raise interest and awareness of lifesaving resources

Global Clinical Trial Explores New Combination Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer

The ongoing VIKTORIA-1 Phase 3 trial targets patients with hormone receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer

Practice Changing Cancer Research Takes Center Stage in the Sunshine State

Scientists from around the world gather in Orlando for the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting