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Graphic of lower body with bladder highlighted and the Moffitt logo and words ASCO 2024

New Combination Therapy Brings Hope to Bladder Cancer Patients

Innovative treatment shows high success rates in overcoming standard therapy resistance

ASCO: Use of e-frailty index in predicting chemotherapy tolerance in older patients with pancreatic cancer

Could a Quick Electronic Assessment Improve Outcomes for Older People with Pancreatic Cancer?

Study shows correlation between electronic frailty index and chemotherapy toxicity among octogenarians

It has been five years since Kathryn VonAldenbruck was diagnosed with lung
cancer. She remains on an immunotherapy
regimen and continues to run.

Fighting Lung Cancer, One Step at a Time

Miles for Moffitt gives patients like Kathryn VonAldenbruck a chance to show they are thriving in the moment while raising money for the breakthroughs of tomorrow

Personal Loss Plays ‘Profound Role’ in Shaping Doctor’s Career Path

Nelli Bejanyan, MD, talks about why she became a physician, what motivates her and the important lessons she’s learned from patients

2 Small Clinical Trials Spark Cautious Hope in Glioblastoma Treatment

While early, the trials show CAR T immunotherapy can shrink brain tumors

Researcher Aims to Use Math to Improve Treatment Options and Reduce Health Disparities

Renee Brady-Nicholls, Ph.D., talks about how crunching numbers makes a real-life difference for patients

Data Fuels Cancer Research and Treatment

Meet some of the women behind Moffitt’s data science initiatives

New Treatment Reduces Need for Blood Transfusions for Patients with Certain Blood Cancers, Study Shows

Almost 40% of patients with lower risk myelodysplastic syndromes achieved eight-week transfusion independence with imetelstat, study shows

Bioengineering: A New Frontier in Cancer Research

The launch of Moffitt’s Bioengineering Department brings novel tools to the fight against cancer