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Miles for Moffitt, presented by AutoNation is just three months away. Each year, thousands of Moffitt Cancer Center supporters, patients and team members lace up their shoes to run, walk or wheel for a great cause — funding lifesaving cancer research.

As participant registration grows and some begin training for the premier fundraising event, many are curious about the key to a successful event experience. To shed light on this, we spoke with Joshua Rivera, a seasoned Miles for Moffitt host and expert who generously shared his advice for getting the most out of Miles for Moffitt.  

Josh Rivera and Moffitt's Founder H. Lee Moffitt

Joshua Rivera and Moffitt's founder H. Lee Moffitt get the crowd pumped during the 2021 Miles for Moffitt.

How early would you suggest participants arrive? 

Participants should arrive by 6:30 a.m. The earlier the better so you can familiarize yourself with the course, visit our great sponsor tents, get to meet some of your fellow participants and warm up with some Zumba!

What is an item that you must bring to the event? 

A comfortable pair of running or walking shoes. The most important thing is to make sure your feet are comfortable and can pound that pavement regardless of the distance you are doing.

What meal should runners eat the morning of the race? 

This can be a very personal choice, but my go to pre-race meal is overnight oatmeal and a banana. You want to get some light carbs and potassium so you have enough energy and can prevent any muscle cramps. But above all, hydrate. You should be drinking plenty of water at least a few days before the event, the night before and that morning.

What should participants wear to the event? 

If it’s a cold morning, wear a light jacket, hoodie or sweater that can easily be taken off and maybe even discarded. You will warm up during the actual event itself and will likely not need it after you have started.

What advice would you give to someone participating in Miles for Moffitt for the first time? 

Have fun! It is a moment to enjoy being a part of a caring and loving community. Be proud of taking that step toward wellness and activity and most importantly becoming a Moffitteer.

What’s the ultimate key to having a successful Miles for Moffitt experience?

Remembering that the most important part is showing up and participating because you know you will have been a part of a community contribution to Moffitt’s mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

Most important tip? 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially if it’s colder that morning. You don’t realize it, but your body needs those fluids to be in optimum condition to perform.

Put these tips to use on Nov. 18 at this year’s Miles for Moffitt in downtown Tampa, where you’ll be joining Moffitt patients, team members and community supporters in their pursuit to help contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. For more information or to register, visit