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As a nursing education Specialist at Moffitt Cancer Center, Magen Davis of Nursing Professional Development, says her days are filled with excitement, compassion and drive.

In her multifaceted role, Davis provides nursing education and clinical support to several departments throughout the cancer center. She facilitates programs and lectures throughout the year and provides nursing educational in-services and materials for all new chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments and products. Davis also assists nurses with educational projects to ensure each aligns with Moffitt’s policies and procedures.

Magen Davis visits with nurses

Magen Davis, nursing education specialist, visits with nurses on her unit.

On a typical day, Davis arrives before her 7 a.m. shift to prepare for her day, by gathering educational tools needed for her in-services. After teaching hands-on skills such as administering chemotherapy, she continues her day by visiting with nurses in her unit, providing support and encouragement.  

“Over the years, many people outside of our organization have asked me what it’s like to work in an oncology hospital,” Davis said. “Without hesitation, my answer is it’s amazing.”

Davis says being a nurse at Moffitt means she gets the opportunity to work with a great team and outstanding nurses who contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

“Our patients are always the center of our focus as we strive for excellence. Moffitt nurses excel in collaboration, innovation and patient satisfaction,” she said. “It is evident that our nurses develop strong bonds with one another, the patients they care for and the patient’s families.”

Magen Davis wearing PPE

Davis supported our COVID vaccine clinic.

When she isn’t providing education, Davis can be found supporting the organization and community by working in Moffitt’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Which she and her team contributed to help fight against the pandemic.

As a Moffitt nurse, Davis says her favorite highlight of working for the cancer center is hearing the celebration bells ring down the hallways.

“When a patient receives good news on a test result or finishes their last chemotherapy treatment, our nurses, the patient and their family celebrate together as the patient rings the bell,” Davis said. “That’s a momentous and emotional experience for everyone.”

After a long day at Moffitt, Davis says she uses the drive home to reflect on her appreciation for her team and all the nurses. When she arrives home, she quickly switches roles and family times begin.