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Reality can be a lot scarier than Halloween ghosts and goblins. Just ask Adriana Bailey and her husband Chris. She was diagnosed in 2017 with a rare type of lung cancer and receives treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center.

But the two Disney employees aren’t letting that dampen the spirit of their favorite holiday.  They’ve turned the front yard and garage of their Davenport, Fla. home into a high-tech Halloween haven called “Pumpkin House Fights Cancer.”

With more than 300 hand-carved foam pumpkins, lights, fog, projected images and ghoulish tunes from a trio of dancing skeletons in the front windows, the Baileys’ house is a must for intrepid trick-or-treaters. It’s also fueling the couple’s fundraiser for cancer research.

“When kids trick or treat, they each get a little candy from every house and it adds up to a huge amount by the end of the night,” Chris explained. “Every house does its small part to make the experience magical for the kids. I thought - we could do the same to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Everybody just gives a little, but ‘a little’ adds up to a real difference for people like us who rely on cancer research to continue. That’s why we decided to use our Pumpkin House as a way to help others.”

The Baileys’ Pumpkin House GoFundMe page pledges 75 percent of proceeds to research at Moffitt Cancer Center. The rest will be used to make next year’s Pumpkin House bigger, better and even more fun.

“We’re thrilled our local community is as excited as we are to help support cancer patients and cancer research,” Adriana added. “Fighting this disease is better when surrounded by friends and family. To us, Moffitt has become part of our family helping us win the fight. Halloween is a holiday that’s all about fun and creativity. And if we can use it as a way to inspire the kids who visit the Pumpkin House while raising money for a great cause, it makes the day all that more meaningful.”

To check out the display or drop off your donations in person, visit the Pumpkin House at 418 Grovepark Drive in Davenport, Fla.  Or you can check out the Baileys’ video of their display here.