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For the last nine years, Moffitt Cancer Center has celebrated its nurses during the annual Honored Nurse and Nurse of the Year Award Ceremony. It is a way for the cancer center to recognize and reward nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing practice, leadership and achievement.

The awards are based on an Olympic-style system. Nurses are placed into five categories: Inpatient, Outpatient, Partners in Patient Care, Perioperative, and Treatment, and are awarded bronze, silver, gold or platinum medals. The top-ranked medalists from each of the five categories are voted on for the Honored Nurse Program’s Nurse of the Year by a committee of nursing peers. The process is blinded and kept anonymous until the ceremony.

This year, 398 nurses were awarded medals, recognizing them for their compassion and commitment to patients and Moffitt.

Here are the 2022 Nurse of the Year recipients:

Inpatient Nurse of the Year, Lisa Demont 

Lisa Demont won the Inpatient Nurse of the Year award due to her engagement and contributions to her team. She’s an impactful and respectful leader on the floor, who shares her years of experience and great competence with all team members. As a nurse who wears many hats, she brings calming and confident energy to the unit. She advocates for patients’ safety and human basic needs, identifying opportunities for staff to learn and grow. She exemplifies what Moffitt is about: compassion, drive, excellence, imagination and inclusion.

Outpatient Nurse of the Year, Susan Vallan 

Susan Vallan was nominated for the Outpatient Nurse of the Year award, due to her ceaseless support and encouragement that she extends to all members of her team and for the kindness, she bestows upon them during challenging times. As a nurse preceptor, she is approachable, and positive and provides ongoing leadership and mentoring within her unit. Supporting her colleagues comes as second nature, as she is quick to jump in and help when someone is sick, to answer questions or wherever help is needed.

Partners in Patient Care Nurse of the Year, Nancy Scott 

A Moffitt nurse for over 24 years, Nancy Scott won the Partners in Patient Care Nurse of the Year award for being a highly skilled clinician that role models the highest standards of care. Scott, who is well respected by peers, clinicians, and providers, is known for encouraging the professional growth of others, inspiring them to add to their skills and knowledge base and supporting them in their learning opportunities. She also teaches patients and families about how to accept and learn to live with their altered body image. She does this with the utmost kindness and caring while understanding their feelings and motivating them to express those same feelings.  

Perioperative Nurse of the Year, Luz Diez 

Luz Diez is not only known for going above and beyond for her patients but for her fellow teammates as well. She was nominated for the Perioperative Nurse of the Year award for several reasons, including being an encouraging mentor to new nurses and motivating them to move up the clinical ladder. Her colleagues say she is great to have on the team as she promotes positive patient experiences, and patient safety enhances team dynamics and models a work ethic of integrity.

Treatment Area Nurse of the Year, Veronica Pabon Amador 

Veronica Pabon Amador exemplifies so many components of Duffy’s Professional Practice Model in the care of patients. She’s committed to the discipline of nursing, has the ability to be sincere in self-awareness and reflection, is willing to advocate for patients and has genuine character. Every day her patients and colleagues witness her warm, caring and engaging spirit.