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This week, the Interventional Pulmonology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center unveiled its new Ion Robotic Bronchoscopy platform. This technology uses fiber optics and the smallest catheter on the market to reach all areas of the lung.

When performing a robotic bronchoscopy, a physician can visualize and access lesions that are very small or located in areas of the lung that are inaccessible with conventional bronchoscopy. This technology can help doctors confirm an early lung cancer diagnosis, which can lead to better outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Members of Moffitt’s Interventional Pulmonology Program showcase the new Ion Robotic Bronchoscopy platform. L to R: Cherie Hyssong, director of Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Services, Respiratory Care, Bronchoscopy; Ruzanna Filenko; Dr. Eduardo Celis, interventional pulmonologist; Jessica Ratto; Gaby Soto-Rodriguez.