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How the IPOP Service Is Shaping the Standard of Care in Infusion Centers

The IPOP provides a new way for patients to receive the chemotherapy infusions they need in the comfort of an outpatient setting.

Dr. Vogelbaum and Etame in the operating room

Impacts of Socioeconomic Status and Cancer Care

Arnold Etame, a neurosurgeon and research scientist in the Department of Neuro-Oncology, discusses how socioeconomic status can impact cancer...

Dr. Kirtane screening patient for head and neck cancer

Testing Metformin for Oral Cancer Prevention

The objective of clinical trial MCC 21940 is to help researchers determine the historical response to metformin intervention that can stop changes in...

Dr. Trad Wadsworth confers with members of the Head and Neck team

Meet the Experts: Q&A with Drs. Monsour and Danan

Head and Neck surgeon, Dr. Deepa Danan and endocrinologist, Dr. Elio Monsour, share their clinical interests and what they hope to bring to the...

The Use of Radiomics in Breast Imaging May Result in Improved Patient Outcomes

The use of radiomics positivity impacts imaging assessments and outcomes, especially in early-stage breast cancers.

Clinical Trials: A Guide for Primary Care Providers

In recent years, cancer clinical trials have witnessed significant advancements, offering new hope to patients and providers alike.

Dr. Frederick Locke in the research lab

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Multiple Myeloma Patients

A new dendritic cell vaccine has shown promising results in treating high-risk multiple myeloma patients. 

Neurological Complications and Treatment Options from Immunotherapy Side Effects

The peripheral and central nervous systems are sometimes affected by immunotherapy treatment. Learn more about how Moffitt is treating this side...

Breast cancer radiologists review a patient's scans

Advancing the Standard of Care for Breast Cancer Patients with Magseed® and Magtrace® Technology

The Breast Oncology Program is an early adopter of the pioneering technology of Magseed and Magtrace.

Patient speaking with doctor in the CDH1 Clinic

Moffitt’s CDH1 Clinic Brings Expert Knowledge and Care to Reduce the Risk of Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer

The CDH1 clinic coordinates multidisciplinary care between the Genetics, Gastroenterology and the Breast departments.

FDA Approves Luspatercept for First-Line Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Luspatercept, TGF-b ligand fusion trap protein, which stimulates terminal erythroid differentiation to enhance red blood cell production was approved...

Dr. Robert Wenham Discusses Advancements in the Treatment of Gynecologic Cancers

Dr. Robert Wenham, chair of the Gynecologic Oncology Program at Moffitt, leads a multidisciplinary team, leveraging the latest advances in treatment.

A doctor talks to a lymphoma patient and her husband

4 CAR T Myths for Lymphoma Patients

Moffitt is an established leader in the field of bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and chimeric antigen receptor or CAR T cell therapy.

Specialized Clinic for Bone Lesions and Bone Metastasis

The Sarcoma Program at Moffitt Cancer Center recently unveiled a new Bone Metastasis Clinic, a first of its kind in Florida and among only a handful...

TIL Therapy Lab

Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy (TIL) has Shown Promise in Melanoma Treatment

Moffitt is at the forefront of Tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy (TIL), a cellular therapy to treat melanoma and other solid tumors.