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Cancer centers are often viewed as places for treatment. They are recommended when a patient has a diagnosis, or a doctor believes they should receive specific tests. However, cancer centers do so much more than treat and fight disease. They are part of a patient’s long-term health journey, supporting general practitioners with pre-screening and diagnostic resources.

Prevention, screening and early diagnosis lead to better outcomes. The time to start screening for certain cancers starts long before any symptoms become overwhelming or any diagnosis is given. This is how doctors can catch illness early on and fight against cancer aggressively before it takes over the body. Even when cancer is just a suspicion or possibility, Moffitt can provide quality screenings and advanced diagnostics to provide the answers you and your patients need. Here is why – and how – you should refer patients to Moffitt.

Why Choose Moffitt for Screening and Diagnosis?

Moffitt is the only Florida-based National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of only 53 in the nation. This means we provide cutting-edge treatment, screening, diagnostics and care for patients of all backgrounds.

All of our radiologists are fellowship trained. They are all subspecialized and experts in specific diseases. In addition, they utilize advanced imaging techniques for cancer screening, staging and looking for responses to treatment. This provides our imaging specialists to accurately diagnose both benign/non-cancerous conditions as well as precisely stage cancer. This allows Moffitt patients to avoid misdiagnosis which can lead to undue stress and cost resulting in the most effective treatment plan tailored to our cancer patients and leading to the best eventual outcomes. Once a patient receives a screening or diagnostic test, they are part of the Moffitt system. Our multidisciplinary team can take care of them and develop a path for treatment while simultaneously partnering with their community physician on their results and care. Patients can feel supported from their first appointment through every step of the diagnosis and care process with the help of personalized medicine.

Moffitt doctors are actively involved in cutting-edge research. They are on expert national and international panels and have also helped write screening guidelines and appropriateness criteria based on their expertise. When you refer a patient to Moffitt, you are directing them to a central hub of information with leading cancer care.

Woman getting a mammogram at Moffitt

When Should You Refer a Patient for a Diagnosis?

Our diagnostic specialists can work in partnership with your office, helping you receive better diagnoses so you and the patient can feel confident moving forward with the treatment process. Turn to Moffitt even when cancer is just a suspicion. If a patient presents with a lump or a bump, you can send them our way. They don’t need any diagnosis to visit our clinic. Moffitt is also here when you have completed preliminary testing but can’t get a clear diagnosis.

Here are a few guides for what to look for when diagnosing some of the most common cancers found today:

How to Refer a Patient for Diagnostics

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for doctors, patients, and our Moffitt team to work together as one. If you have a patient that could benefit from cancer screenings or diagnostic tests, use our one-page referral form. All you have to do is fill out basic patient information, what testing they need, and any diagnosis they have. (It's okay if they don't have a diagnosis or if their condition is unknown.)

Once you submit the form, a scheduler from our patient appointment team will contact you within two business days. We can move forward with the tests and work together to help your patient.

What Happens Next?

Our goal is to help patients and doctors receive the insights they need. We will keep you informed on the status of the patient and will send you the results through the Autofax system. With this program, the results are automatically faxed to your office and our communication lines are open. If you have any questions whatsoever, our physician relations team is here to assist as well, serving as your connection to all things Moffitt from communication to referral support to accessing medical records.

If the results are not cancerous, we will still send our records and diagnostics to your office so you can better treat your patient. If the patient receives a cancer diagnosis from our testing, the team at Moffitt is here to develop a treatment plan to fight this disease and help your patient achieve the best possible outcome.

Cancer screenings save lives. It is better for a patient to have a lump, bump, or suspicious symptoms checked out instead of waiting for additional symptoms to form. Effective treatment starts with the right diagnosis. Work with Moffitt first to help your patients get the peace of mind they need to achieve the most favorable outcome.

If you’d like to refer a patient to Moffitt, complete our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance. As part of our efforts to shorten referral times as much as possible, online referrals are typically responded to within 24 - 48 hours.