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As Moffitt Cancer Center's Chief Digital Innovation Officer, Edmondo Robinson, MD, MBA, FACP, has his hands full working to improve modern cancer care through technology. His position is critical to Moffitt’s success and navigating a continually evolving health-care industry. Although the task can seem daunting, a new article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and presented at the 2020 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting identifies 5 stakeholder groups key to facilitating important digital tool implementation.

Following interviews with key opinion leaders focused on how to improve oncology care using technology, the authors found that these five groups working in synergy are needed to advance the ideas to accomplish data and technology improvement: healthcare systems, the tech industry, patients, life sciences, and government

Dr. Robinson explains, "Reaching the goals does require multi-stakeholder involvement and a really clear strategy and framework to leverage government, and privacy and security around these tools and technologies."

The analysis also describes 4 categories of early success in oncologic digital tools:

  • Regimen/drug choice
  • Drug approval efficiency
  • Digital user training
  • Patient generated health data

Dr. Robinson is responsible for expanding the cancer center’s ecosystem from within and outside of health care to deliver on consumer-oriented, real-world solutions for clinical practice, research, and administrative processes essential to support growth and competitive advantage.

Dr. Robinson oversees Moffitt’s portfolio of digital innovation, including the development and commercialization of health products, tools, and technology. With this new role, Moffitt aims to create and test new services, programs, partnerships, and technologies that leverage digital innovations, while challenging the status quo to reduce the cost of care, improve quality, increase access to care, and enhance the patient experience.


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