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The virulent spread of COVID-19 throughout the country over a year and a half ago has resulted in an urgent mandate for the utilization of comprehensive telehealth services (aka Virtual Visits) to protect hospital staff and vulnerable patient populations who are immunocompromised.  This need for telehealth services is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the utilization of Virtual Visits at Moffitt continues to grow exponentially.

"Our patients and their families affected by cancer deserve the highest quality care which is central to the mission of our cancer center. Through the development and offering of virtual care, we are able to meet patient needs, address demands, and ensure timely coordinated care is offered to everyone," said Philippe Spiess, MD, surgical genitourinary oncologist and medical director of Virtual Health at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Adoption, Volume and Program Development

  • Ordered Virtual Visits increased 800% during the height of COVID-19
  • Long-term provider adoption increased by 300% from inception and growing

Patient Satisfaction

  • Sustained an 85th national percentile ranking on patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced user experience through digital literacy and technical support
  • Expanded virtual care offerings to create an end-to-end patient care journey for other tertiary care services

Norman Daniels"As a Moffitt patient for the last four years, I have had the benefit of utilizing Virtual Visits for my appointments. This technology has given me the ease of speaking directly to my oncologist face-to-face, in the comfort of my home, and without any travel time or spending in a waiting room," said Norman Daniels, a cancer survivor. "In fact, I use the Virtual Visits service with multiple providers at Moffitt as well. The visits enable me to virtually connect with my family members who participate in my care. Virtual care has been the best experience I have had with cancer care."

Virtual Visits are available for a variety of services, complete our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance. As part of our efforts to shorten referral times as much as possible, online referrals are typically responded to within 24 - 48 hours.