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Dr. Frederick Locke in the research lab

If you are the physician of a patient who requires immunotherapy as part of their treatment plan, consider referring them to Moffitt Cancer Center. Led by Frederick Locke, MD, the immunotherapy specialists at Moffitt possess a unique level of knowledge and experience. We are continuously studying immunotherapy as a form of cancer treatment, and our team is committed to developing promising new immunotherapy treatments for many different types of cancer. 

At Moffitt, our immunotherapy specialists administer treatments that help the patient’s immune system identify and target cancerous cells. Some forms of immunotherapy offered at Moffitt include:

  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors – to help the immune system recognize cancer cells
  • Monoclonal antibodies – man-made substances that make cancer cells more visible to the immune system, or block growth signals in the cells
  • Vaccines – to stimulate an immune system response to cancer cells
  • Nonspecific immunotherapy – treatments to boost the immune system

A full range of services in a single location

Should a Moffitt patient require other treatments in addition to immunotherapy, they will find all that they need at our center. From screening and diagnostic services to treatment, Moffitt patients can have all their needs met in a single location, making it as convenient as possible for patients to receive the services they need.

Additionally, we have a number of supportive care specialists on hand to help patients deal with the many challenges that accompany undergoing cancer treatment. Our pain management specialists, dietitians, counselors, social workers and other supportive care professionals help to ensure our patients’ needs are met throughout the duration of their treatment.

Medically reviewed by Hany Elmariah, MD, MS

Health care providers looking to refer a patient to one of our immunotherapy specialists can fill out our online form or contact a physician liaison for assistance or support. At Moffitt, we emphasize short referral times and can accommodate urgent referrals.

  • BMT and CI Leadership
    Frederick  Locke, MD
    Department Chair, Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy
    Program Lead, Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy


    Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy


    Program Co-Leader, Immuno-Oncology; Chair, Department of Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy


    Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy