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Top 5 Incident Cancers: Which cancers are the most common in the catchment area?

The top five incident cancers in the catchment area are similar to those of the state and nation. Moffitt remains deeply committed to addressing these cancers and associated disparities as shown through our research and outreach efforts.

Top 5 Cancers in the Catchment Area

Priority Cancers in MCC Catchment Area: Which cancers occur at a higher frequency in the catchment area than in Florida and the U.S.?

Compared to the state and nation, Moffitt’s catchment area is unique in having significantly higher incidence of lung, melanoma of the skin, oropharynx, and cervix cancer. We included ovarian cancer as a priority cancer due to fact that it is a rare malignancy with a high mortality rate, no early detection options, and disparities in survival.

Catchment Priority Cancers