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Renee  Brady

Renee Brady, PhD

Program: Integrated Mathematical Oncology

Research Program: Cancer Biology & Evolution Program

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  • Overview

    To develop predictive mathematical models of easily accessible, minimally-invasive biomarkers, such as blood markers and patient-reported outcomes. The goal is to quantify and predict individual patient response, while understanding and reducing cancer health disparities.


    • Integrated Mathematical Oncology
    • Cancer Biology & Evolution Program
  • Research Interest

    The Brady-Nicholls lab is focused on improving patient care using accessible, minimally-invasive biomarkers through the integration of mathematical modeling, with a special interest on improving outcomes for underrepresented minorities. To accomplish this, we develop predictive mathematical models of these biomarker dynamics that propose patient-tailored treatment strategies that maximize patient response and quality of life.

  • Publications

    • West J, Adler F, Gallaher J, Strobl M, Brady-Nicholls R, Brown J, Robertson-Tessi M, Kim E, Noble R, Viossat Y, Basanta D, Anderson ARA. A survey of open questions in adaptive therapy: Bridging mathematics and clinical translation. Elife. 2023 Mar.12. Pubmedid: 36952376. Pmcid: PMC10036119.
    • Harshe I, Enderling H, Brady-Nicholls R. Predicting Patient-Specific Tumor Dynamics: How Many Measurements Are Necessary?. Cancers (Basel). 2023 Feb.15(5). Pubmedid: 36900161. Pmcid: PMC10000065.
    • Bhatt A, Schabath MB, Hoogland AI, Jim HSL, Brady-Nicholls R. Patient-Reported Outcomes as Interradiographic Predictors of Response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2023 Aug.29(16):3142-3150. Pubmedid: 37233986. Pmcid: PMC10425729.
    • Jim HSL, Brady-Nicholls R, Hershman DL. The importance of patient-reported outcomes in pragmatic clinical trials. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2023 Apr.115(4):352-354. Pubmedid: 36805254. Pmcid: PMC10086620.
    • Brady-Nicholls R, Enderling H. Range-Bounded Adaptive Therapy in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. Cancers (Basel). 2022 Oct.14(21). Pubmedid: 36358738. Pmcid: PMC9657943.
    • Brady-Nicholls R, Zhang J, Zhang T, Wang AZ, Butler R, Gatenby RA, Enderling H. Predicting patient-specific response to adaptive therapy in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer using prostate-specific antigen dynamics. Neoplasia. 2021 Sep.23(9):851-858. Pubmedid: 34298234. Pmcid: PMC8322456.
    • Brüningk SC, Peacock J, Whelan CJ, Brady-Nicholls R, Yu HM, Sahebjam S, Enderling H. Intermittent radiotherapy as alternative treatment for recurrent high grade glioma: a modeling study based on longitudinal tumor measurements. Sci Rep. 2021 Oct.11(1):20219. Pubmedid: 34642366. Pmcid: PMC8511136.
    • Pasetto S, Enderling H, Gatenby RA, Brady-Nicholls R. Intermittent Hormone Therapy Models Analysis and Bayesian Model Comparison for Prostate Cancer. Bull Math Biol. 2021 Nov.84(1):2. Pubmedid: 34797430. Pmcid: PMC8604892.
    • Dobreva A, Brady-Nicholls R, Larripa K, Puelz C, Mehlsen J, Olufsen MS. A physiological model of the inflammatory-thermal-pain-cardiovascular interactions during an endotoxin challenge. J Physiol. 2021 Mar.599(5):1459-1485. Pubmedid: 33450068.
    • Brady-Nicholls R, Nagy JD, Gerke TA, Zhang T, Wang AZ, Zhang J, Gatenby RA, Enderling H. Prostate-specific antigen dynamics predict individual responses to intermittent androgen deprivation. Nat Commun. 2020 Apr.11(1):1750. Pubmedid: 32273504. Pmcid: PMC7145869.
    • Sunassee ED, Tan D, Ji N, Brady R, Moros EG, Caudell JJ, Yartsev S, Enderling H. Proliferation saturation index in an adaptive Bayesian approach to predict patient-specific radiotherapy responses. Int J Radiat Biol. 2019 Oct.95(10):1421-1426. Pubmedid: 30831050. Pmcid: PMC7081883.
    • Brady R, Enderling H. Mathematical Models of Cancer: When to Predict Novel Therapies, and When Not to. Bull Math Biol. 2019 Oct.81(10):3722-3731. Pubmedid: 31338741. Pmcid: PMC6764933.
    • Ferrall-Fairbanks MC, Glazar DJ, Brady RJ, Kimmel GJ, Zahid MU, Altrock PM, Enderling H. Re: Simulation analysis for tumor radiotherapy based on three-component mathematical models. J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2019 Jul.20(7):204-205. Pubmedid: 31145529. Pmcid: PMC6612696.
    • Williams ND, Brady R, Gilmore S, Gremaud P, Tran HT, Ottesen JT, Mehlsen J, Olufsen MS. Cardiovascular dynamics during head-up tilt assessed via pulsatile and non-pulsatile models. J Math Biol. 2019 Aug.79(3):987-1014. Pubmedid: 31152210.

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