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By Jonesa Rodriguez
Public Relations and Strategic Communications

When Amy Bondon first learned about Miles for Moffitt, she was in no state to compete in the event. She was in a very fragile condition, undergoing treatment while living at the Hope Lodge.

"I was reading about Miles for Moffitt while I was walking the halls of the Magnolia campus," said Bondon. "I thought to myself, I could do that." Despite the challenges she faced, such as being unable to go outside due to chronic infection, Bondon pushed herself to keep walking, putting in eight to 12 miles in the halls of Magnolia.

Determined to participate in the annual event, she entered the race right before the deadline. 

"I didn’t have a team or a clue," said Bondon "Just a burning desire to get there and do something for this incredible place and every person from every aspect of my very complicated and extensive experience, who have blessed me beyond measure."

On race day, she pulled up to Amalie Arena and tears of joy filled her eyes.

"I marveled at the precious T-shirts, group causes, team logos and just the palpable love," Bondon said. "Mr. Moffitt was there mingling and talking with us all. I saw doctors and beloved nurses of mine, met their friends and family.  The volunteers were incredibly affirming in their energy and zeal to serve us all with such warmth and encouragement."

In her first year of participating, she raised over $5,000. And even with the challenges of COVID-19 in 2020, she was still able to raise over $3,500.

Bondon, who now volunteers as a patient advisor at Moffitt and is going into her third year of participation, says her reason is simple: the funds raised go to support cancer research.

"Miles for Moffitt spotlights research and the absolute significance it plays in every aspect of our outcomes as cancer patients," she said. "The calling to do what this team does and the love and empathy with which they do it — Well, they need research to press on with excellence in all the myriad of ways they come together to give us a good outcome."

Over the past 16 years, Miles for Moffitt, presented by AutoNation, has raised over $7 million supporting lifesaving cancer research at Moffitt and has gained millions in additional federal support, helping patients like Bondon.

Join Bondon in her pursuit to help contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer at this year’s Miles for Moffitt on Nov. 20 in downtown Tampa. For more information or to register for Miles for Moffitt, visit Miles for Moffitt