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By Prado Antolino, MA, CT/CI
Manager, Language Services

At Moffitt, we care for our patients’ language and communication preferences with the same level of care as we do for their bodies and minds. As such, we offer a host of services and checks and balances to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

We record and respect the preferred language of every patient through language data collection. During a patient’s intake, we record the preferred language of the patient for receiving medical information. A language flag is activated on the patient’s chart so that we can accommodate that preference for the duration of their care.

Our patients come from many parts of the world and speak and sign many languages. All patients who speak little or no English have the right to a professional interpreter at no cost to them. The interpreter can be in person, via phone or video. Our in-person Spanish interpreters are all specifically trained as medical interpreters and are nationally certified with many years of experience, and a wealth and breadth of knowledge.

Moffitt also offers documentation translation into other languages. Our Spanish translators are professionally trained and nationally certified. In addition, we also work with reputable agencies when other languages are needed. We have also implemented a policy to independently verify second language proficiency for our clinical and support team members.

In-person American Sign Language interpreters for our Deaf and/or Hard-of-Hearing patients is always available. Additionally, we accommodate other communication preferences. As a precaution, early in the pandemic, Moffitt instituted the use of clear window masks for Language Services and team members. We also facilitate sound amplifiers for our patients with hearing deficits.

The health care professional caring for you will be your point of contact to initiate a conversation about communication preferences or challenges. Thank you. Gracias. Takk. Danke. Merci. Obrigado.

If you don’t speak English, you have the right to interpreter services. Please ask your medical team to connect you to an interpreter.