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The health care needs of LGBTQ patients who are at risk or fighting cancer are a priority for continued research, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Gwendolyn Quinn, Ph.D., and Matthew Schabath, Ph.D., told prior to World Cancer Day on Feb. 4.

The LGBTQ population has a higher disease risk and worse outcomes when it comes to cancer as compared to heterosexual and cisgender (having a gender identity that matches one’s sex assigned at birth) populations.

Here are the seven types of cancer in which the LGBTQ population has an increased risk: 

1. Anal Cancer
2. Breast Cancer
3. Cervical Cancer
4. Colon and Rectal Cancer
5. Endometrial Cancer
6. Lung Cancer
7. Prostate Cancer 

A key to receiving proper healthcare is a good relationship between the patient and doctor. LGBTQ patients should feel comfortable enough with their provider to disclose their sexual orientation and gender identity. At the same time, providers should create inclusive, comfortable environments. 

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