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For Miriam Fernandez there is no better compliment than when a colleague tells her that her daughter Kristin is a great nurse and they enjoy working with her. Miriam has been a nurse at Moffitt since 1999 and is currently the assistant patient care manager. Her daughter Kristin followed in her footsteps 15 years later by accepting a nursing position in the Endoscopic Oncology Program.

Although they both work around the corner from each other at Moffitt, their paths don’t cross often, but Kristin says it’s nice to know that a resource and mentor is just a phone call away. Kristin says she and her mother work with many of the same colleagues and she beams when they praise her mother’s leadership and nursing skills.

Kristin has served in many different roles throughout her career, including being a preceptor, a clinical leader and an educator for portions of the critical care nursing program. Miriam says her role has always been very specialized, so it’s nice to expand her knowledge and learn through Kristin’s experiences.

This mother/daughter duo can’t think of a better way to celebrate their career milestones than with each other.

In recognition of Nurses Week (May 6-12), learn more about the Nursing Program at Moffitt.